Children’s Program

Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

For kids 7 to 10 years old

spruce grove childrens brazilian jiu jitsu
As a Rodrigo Resende Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Judo student, your child will learn so much more than just how to defend him/herself. They will learn self confidence, self discipline and self improvement all while having a great time making new friends in a safe and exciting environment. Nearly every area of your child’s life will improve through our innovative children’s curriculum.

Our Kids Martial Arts Program Will Make Your Child:

  • Healthier and more active
  • Learn respect and how to treat other people
  • Learn self discipline and how to work with others
  • Learn how to set and achieve life goals
  • Gain self confidence and the ability to break through new challenges in life

Our kids BJJ and Judo programs will not only improve your childs self esteem and fitness, it will also instill in them principles and discipline needed for them to excel in life.

Far too many children in todays world spend their time on the iPad or in front of a TV screen. They don’t exercise and enjoy the outdoors the way we did as children, which has caused numerous physical and mental ailments in todays children. Don’t let your child fall into this same trap. Getting your child involved in martial arts from a young age will ensure that they go through life as active and healthy people.

Our instructors are fun and high energy so your child will love coming to class and they will get into shape while doing it.

Better Listening Skills, Concentration, and Grades

Martial Arts has been proven to have a dramatic effect on the mood and demeanor of children. Your child will get better grades, listen better, be happier and even be nicer after starting BJJ or Judo. Our belt system gives kids incentive to achieve mini goals which will instill in them a strong work ethic in other areas of their life.

Improved Self-Esteem and Confidence

Does your child lack confidence or self esteem? Are they being bullied? If so then martial arts is a great way to fix this problem. Your child will have a newfound sense of confidence and self esteem and will no longer go through life with his/her head down. They will walk tall and proud and tackle any issue life throws at them.

Great Instructors

Sensei Rodrigo Resende and his assistant coaches love working with children and watching them grow and learn every day. They know how to keep your child entertained all while they improve every single day. Each member of our staff wants your child to succeed and will take a personal interest in them to make sure that happens. Our staff are enthusiastic, patient and always have a smile on their face!

We love what we do and are sure that you and your family will see it in the classroom.

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